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Review byTacita Vero'18/07/2008
Cooler than cool Fibre is an uber stylish club that only lets in the glamourous. The phrase 'dress to impress' was made for this venue.

The Venue
On the walls you'll see photos of the customers and this goes with Fibre's egocentric attitude. And since it's one of the most stylish venues in town it has every reason to love itself and its punters. One of the distinctive features of this place is the colour scheme with black and hot pink seats, a bar lit with purple neons and cool artwork on the walls.

The tables are low, chunky and shiny while the cool chandelier dangling above the bar is light and airy. A couple of golden frames hang inside the glass walls beside the entrance and they are fitted with a screens showing images of what's happening inside. Basically if you are not lucky enough to make it in you can catch a glimpse of what you're missing out on. There is also a patio and a second floor with a balcony partially overlooking the bar. The place just hits all the right buttons of what’s fashionable in interior design.

The People
Don't even think about stepping inside without straightening your hair, getting a fake tan and polishing your Jimmy Choos. If you don't look the part you may be ‘forgotten’ outside. Even the bartenders are slick and well dressed. This place is slap bang in the middle of Leeds' gay village but it's not exclusively homosexual and it would be better to describe it as gay friendly.

The crowd is uniform. They are all well-heeled twenty or thirty somethings in designer gear. The girls wear fashionable mini-dresses, stilettos and full makeup and, where possible, matching jewellery.The guys wear fake casual outfits usually consisting of a pair of break the bank jeans, a similarly ludicrously expensive shirt or rare, vintage T-shirt and perfect white trainers. To visit Fibre you just have to make an effort. The venue has a late licence allowing people to party until 6am. You'll start by having just one drink and somehow end up on the dancefloor.

The Food
During the day you can have a bite to eat as they serve sandwiches (£4), hummus with olives and ciabatta bread (£4), a small selection of salads including Greek, Thai chicken and Italian chicken (£5.25-5.75), veggie and meat lasagna (£7) and a few sides. Your fries (£2-3.50) can be dressed as the Cajun which is seasoned with spices and served with chicken and cheese or Dutch with onion and melted cheese. Homemade meatballs served with ciabatta bread (£3.50) and cheesy nachos with salsa and guacamole (£3.50) are the last items on the short menu.

The Drink
Mini champagne bottles here are more popular than anywhere else but there is still room for more down-to-earth drinks. A couple of beers and a few wines are there to be elegantly served for you. Spirits and liqueurs are fairly popular here and you will find a good selection. There's no official list so just have a good look around before ordering. And, obviously, there serve cocktails too.

The Last Word
This area of Leeds has lots to offer from indie live music to gay entertainment to this - Fibre. It's the apex of glamour and style. Dress up and you will have a fabulous night.
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