Leeds clubbing is a must. Warehouse clubs, live music clubs, secret jazz clubs and swanky clubs, Leeds clubs are truly diverse.

Deep Blue

Looking for lovely ladies? Leeds clubs like this could be for you.

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"Shannon Marriott Recently I had my passport confiscated from me ..."

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Don't miss out on this fantastic chance to see the Brighton-based duo perform their upbeat hip-hop music live.

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Great cocktails and live music? Some Leeds clubs have it all.

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Lapdancing at Leeds clubs is pretty good, with this spot being one of the best.

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Bad Apples
Leeds clubs like this are great for those who want a bit of rock.
Some Leeds clubs know their clientele, with this indie favourite a good example.

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Hifi Club
Few Leeds clubs can match live music and great DJs on offer at this celebrated spot.
Mint Club
A unique addition to the Leeds clubs scene, with great music and refreshing decor.

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Bar Fibre
Sat 4pm-8pm
Phone for prices
Bar Risa
Thurs 6.30pm
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Fab Cafe
Wed, phone for times
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The Cockpit
Skip your usual Leeds clubs and give this leading live music venue a try.
Leeds clubs doesn't come much better than at this trendy basement venue.

Dusk 'Till Dawn

The Wardrobe

Casual cocktails in the restaurant upstairs to dancing the night away in the basement nightclub.

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  • The Space
    Shannon Marriott Recently I had my passport confiscated from me ...

    Shannonmarriott07 on 27/02/2015 @ 21:17
  • Liberte
    I have worked on and it is full of girls who don't speak English,...

    Totaltruth on 16/09/2014 @ 20:52
  • Purple Door
    Had a really good night in here it's a great place for a drink an...

    Briantom on 19/08/2014 @ 23:31
  • Purple Door
    Really really good night out with the lads! Went with everybody o...

    Jonathanpreszon on 19/08/2014 @ 23:29
  • Purple Door
    Tried it as a one off and actually really enjoyed it, the drinks ...

    Adamjames on 19/08/2014 @ 23:19