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York Road,
LS15 4NJ

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The Fox and Grapes is a popular country pub that offers a menu packed with tasty British favourites. Whether you just want to relax by the real open fire or enjoy a three course meal with friends and family, it’s an ideal destination for all.

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Opening Hours
Mon-Sat 11:00-23:00
Sun 11:00-22:30
Food Times
Daily 12:00-22:00
Not Necessary on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
Avg Food Spend
£10 - £20 per person
Drink Info
Beer from £3.00 per bottle
Wine from £9.00 per bottle
Children welcome - At all times

Kids Menu, High Chairs, Baby Changing Facilities
Outdoor Area
Beer garden
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Disabled Facilities
Wheelchair Access, Disabled Toilets

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Reviewer AnnetteLouise
We have driven by the Fox and Grapes for 4yrs and always said to each other that Fox and Grapes looks lovely we must try it one night. Tonight was that night and we are so glad we tried it. The atmosphere was lovely, calm and cosy on a winter evening. However we have said it will be lovely in Summer too sitting outside in the sunshine. The service was fantastic, the waitress was so friendly and helpful. The food was exceptional, we only ever have starters and a main but the food at Fox and Grapes was too good to miss the dessert so we ordered that too. We decided this is the perfect place to take our parents for their birthday in March. The biggest surprise was yet to come when the bill came, 3 courses each, coffee and wine and yet was the price we have paid for just a main in some places! Large portions cooked perfectly. The waitress also advised us of tables 34 and 37 which are in front of the open fire. The courses all arrived in a timely fashion, no long waits between courses but enough time to be ready for the next course. The menu had plenty to choose from and would cater for all. A lovely evening and will definitely be going back.
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Reviewer Lowpoop
Pleasant service and a revised menu offering good value and quality food, clear improvement on the last time i visited. Appears to be under new management.
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Reviewer v78
Absolutely terrible pub. Whilst we waited 40 minutes for our meal to be delivered, we were able to watch water running down the wall and hear it hitting an already waterlogged carpet. When that got dull we could count the growing number of mould spots on the joists above our heads. Plenty of staff to care for the 15 or so people expecting a meal, but they all seemed well practised in the art of displacement activity: looking busy whilst doing sod all. When dinner eventually arrived - we knew it was on it's way as we were close enough to the kitchen to hear the ping of the microwave - my husband had to send his back, thanks to it being cold. Fortunately, the skin on my curry scraped off, and the one positive from the experience was the bhaji, dips, etc, that accompanied said curry were delicious. The staff took the meal back for an extra few seconds in the microwave, a fact borne out by the mash still stuck to the gravy bowl and the plate being hotter than the sun despite the still tepid food. Then the chef had the cheek to resent our complaint and came front of house to have us pointed out to him. My husband left half the meal as we could not wait to get out of there. The waiter, to his eternal credit had put deductions on the bill, without us requesting any such favour - he's obviously used to it by now. Will never, ever go back there. I am about to contact the chain responsible for such a pathetic excuse of a restaurant, and have voiced my displeasure via social network. Pay it a visit if you dare, but don't say you haven't been warned.
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Reviewer Hammie1977
Absolutely terrible food. One dish got sent back as it wasn't cooked - wasn't even hot. The other dishes were dire too, including the kids dishes. The mash was immovable and the so-called award winning pies were nothing of the sort, served with thick gloopy bisto and grey veg.

Staff were pleasant enough but clearly didn't care about the complaints - it was almost as if they expected them. Lovely interior of the pub and great beer but the food was very bad indeed; such a shame.
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Reviewer LOUF11
Well this pub has definitely improved since last time visited ( which was July 2010).
Would recommend to family and friends to visit, food top quality and worth every penny. Atmosphere and service were very good quality and nothing was too much for the waiter. There is also a lovely beer garden for you to relax in and enjoy.
I must say the Pub is much cleaner to this time last year and it is noticed... the toilets and whole pub seems like they are properly cleaned. The walls could do with a good lick of paint though.

Will definitely be returning.
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Reviewer Lizo
We have been for family gatherings several times over the last year and I am really surprised by negative reviews. This is a really spacious venue which absorbs large groups but which also has cosy nooks for more intimate meals. You can make the meal a budget one or splash out on three courses of quite exotic fare. The food has always been excellent - no disappointments for us or our children. The chocolate brownie is the best I have ever had (and I am a connoisseur of such desserts!) The ale is apparently a plus point too. Didn't really notice the decor or the service, which I would say is a positive thing - both must have been inoffensive. We will be returning shortly.
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Reviewer Lilshaz
We had been to the Fox and Grapes a few times previously and did not have the best of experiences similar to the other reviewers. However, when passing one day we decided to pop in and found that it had been done out and was possibly under new management. This is now my favourite place to eat and drink. It's good honest British food. The staff are always friendly and helpful and it doesn't break the bank either. I would urge anyone who has tried it in the past and been disappointed to give it another go. It has definitely improved on all levels.
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Reviewer Bookbinder
My wife and I visited on 15.08.2009, at lunchtime. I'm sorry to spoil the party, but we came away with a poor impression of the Fox and Grapes.

We have been several times over the years, and have, up to this most recent visit, enjoyed the food and drink, but we were not 100% satisfied on 15.08.2009.

There were not many other customers, which suits us fine, for we like a quiet pub, and we found a table by a window.

We each ordered Toad in the hole. The menu said that it was made with a "light batter", but ours was definitely not light.

It had been reheated and it was rather on the heavy side, but it tasted OK and we carried on. The crust, at the edge, was so hard that it almost defeated me (and I'm a big lad) when I tried to cut it.

I just managed to saw through it, and it was edible, but my wife (petite, five foot three) had to give up, and she left her knife embedded in the crust.

I carried on because I was brought up to eat everything that is put in front of me, and old habits die hard, but that crust was more like wood than a light batter.

There was a family at the next table, and they did not have a happy experience, either. There was mother, father, a teenage lad, and three children of about 9 or 10 years.

They had not been long seated before mother took the smaller children's drinks back to the bar. I don't know what the problem was, but replacements were soon, and cheerfully, brought.

Then the father, who had ordered Cesar salad, was told that there was no Cesar salad dressing, so he had to change his order.

The glass in the window that was next to our table had obviously been cleaned by someone who used a circular motion when wiping the panes, for the corners had so much black dirt in them that it could have been picked out with a finger tip.

The same dirt could be seen on a wall, at the end of a shelf. Finally, our cutlery coul
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Reviewer colin hughes
My family and I were upset to hear that the Fox and Grapes in Leeds has declined in the quality of food that it now serves. I recently visited the pub after many years. The food was disgusting and my family and I are reluctant to return. I did let the bar staff know my thoughts but they were unconcerned by my complaints. The attitudes are that of sheer greed. The quality of food and service was terrible. We paid the full price for the food that we left. I informed the bar staff and waiters how disgusting we found our food and explained that we would never return again after our experience. We will now avoid all cask marque bars in the future. The pub food was very poor and we would advise others to avoid Fox and Grapes like the plague. I am very upset by this as the Fox and Grapes has a place in history with my family. My great uncle painted the old picture of the Fox and Grapes many years ago for Fox and Grapes. My great uncle jack who painted this picture is no longer with us. The Fox and Grapes was also the first pub I took my wife to many years ago. My trip down memory lane was a huge anticlimax so I am very disappointed. I can only think it must have declined since cask marque has taken over.
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Reviewer Anonymous
no sour grapes here, brilliant pub. me and all my family love eating, good value for money and friendly service.
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