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Review byTacita Vero'18/07/2008
Tacky and glam The Birdcage is one of the best and biggest gay venues Leeds has to offer.

The Venue
The Birdcage is a basement nightclub kitted out to be as tacky and glam as it can be. It has a black and white checkered floor and the entry is covered in glitter. Inside there are lots of game machines, mirrors and party lights. The club is spread over a large split-level room furnished with stools and a few armchairs and couches.

There is only one dancefloor but you'll see many people dancing in the space between the tables. The lights fill the space with colour but the environment remains rather dark. The decor is mint and it is clearly recently been decorated. It's also very clean but the place lacks personality a bit.

The toilets are a must-see. The circular fountain where the guys and girls wash their hands and the funky chandelier that hangs above are two of the highlights.

The People
At The Birdcage you'll see beautiful Vegas style drag queens. They don't just provide great entertainment with cabaret nights but they also DJ every now and then. The Birdcage is actually famous for the shows it puts on. There are showgirl routines, male dancers and more. Some of these nights are pure priceless entertainment and are highly recommended.

The door policy is particularly friendly and the entrance is often as cheap as £1 to £2 after 10pm. The place is not only popular with gays it's also a favourite destination for hen nights. Expect to find groups of girls squealing with delight as the male dancers show off their, er, skills. You have the feeling that Birdcage can throw ultimate party at the drop of hat, or should that be a feather boa?

The Music
And obviously there's music. Delivered by the very good sound system and crafted by skillful DJs, in drag or not, you will her a medley of gay classics with a preference for the 80s and 90s. The effect is infectious as the crowd seems to love the selection.

The Drink
There's nothing special on the drink list and they provide the regular bar offerings. But prices tend to be very reasonable. On Sundays you can get selected lagers from £1.50 and the club is open until 3am so you'll have plenty of time to take advantage of the offers. On the same day they also have a long happy hour from 9pm to 2am.

If you're being served at your table you can order something a bit fancier like a pitcher to share (£15). There are classics like Long Island Ice Tea and Mai Tai or try Birdcage Blu, Fizz and Big C’s Rum Punch.

Wine is only £10 a bottle but there are only a few bottles available including Liebfraumilch. Champagne is cheap with Moet Et Chandon £30 for a bottle or £8.50 for a quarter bottle. Smirnoff Ice, Budeweiser and Corona are all £3.40 and Reef, Becks, VK Fruits are all £3.

The Last Word
The strength of The Birdcage is definitely the great entertainment they provide and the happy atmosphere. It may not be the most sophisticated nightclub you can find but here it is all about being tacky and wearing sequins and platform heels.
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